Do you Dare to go Bear? Join us on our Bear Attack Day!

Join us for an outrageous day of immersive bear-like activities as we mimic the impact that Brown Bears had on the British countryside for the first time in 1,000 years! Why? Because it’s great fun, the best way to learn about how amazing bears are, and (this is the best bit), we’ll be actively helping to make the countryside wilder and more biodiverse than it was before!

On this full day event we will learn all about brown bears, what they do every day, and how their efforts create homes and habitats for lots of other animals and plants to survive. We’ll find out why they disappeared from the UK and how they remain with us through folklore and story-telling. Then, once we’ve picked up our ecological knowledge, we’ll eat a bear friendly lunch to get us in the mood before our bear attack begins!  

After lunch, we’ll head out into the wild for some bear necessities! We’ll need some bear essentials for this: a group of people prepared to go wild in the woods, some honey, bear scratching equipment, bear cave making equipment, fruit and nut foraging skills and a sense of humour. Bear hats, outfits and marmalade sandwiches are optional but very much welcomed! After an afternoon of bear-like action we’ll return to base for a cup of tea and round up of what we’ve learnt from the day (possibly with some unbearable jokes thrown in).  


Spend a wonderful day connecting with people and nature. 

Learn all about brown bears, the importance of ecosystem engineering, and rewilding.

Enjoy a hands-on rewilding experience that benefits wildlife through inspired learning.

Help increase biodiversity by applying your new found ecological knowledge.

Have a lot of fun!

To find out more or book your Bear Attack Day contact us here!


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