What we do

At Wilderlife, we specialise in putting people at the very heart of the rewilding revolution!

Through immersive experiences, we give practical advice to individuals, businesses, schools, and whole communities on how to rewild the places we live, the food we eat, and even the way we think!

What’s more, we intend to increase biodiversity by having a whole lot of fun! To do so we will need to teach you the principles of ecosystem engineering and turn you in to a Wilderlife Engineer! Wilderlife Engineers build, construct, destroy, and recklessly vandalise all in the name of nature conservation! Bizarre though that sounds, we are slowly realising that that’s exactly what mother nature craves!

Together we will prove that we can all give something to nature, and get so much more in return! We will explain how every walk you take, every tree you climb, and every place you own – a field, garden, rooftop, or window box, – has the potential to be a wilder place! And what’s more, it’s as easy as falling off a log! You don’t need to know anything about nature to get involved. In fact, some of the best ideas we hear come from the people that know the least!

So come and join us!

· Take a walk with us and discover your wild side.

· Get a taste for nature on a foraging trip that creates even more wild food in the process

· Become a Wilderlife Engineer on a workshop or team building day

· Watch our ‘How to’ videos and rewild your life!

· We’re rewilding our community. Why not do the same!

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