What we do

Wilderlife is a creative consultancy that specialises in projects that enhance our cultural links with nature. We believe that combining our natural and cultural heritage is the most powerful tool we have for protecting the natural world. We work on local and global projects including wildlife festivals, certification programmes, tourism initiatives, rewilding workshops, and art exhibitions - all with the aim of supporting local communities in their efforts to become nature positive! 

Current projects

Wildlife Heritage Sites 

With support from World Animal Protection and in partnership with the World Cetacean Alliance, the Wilderlife team are proud to be developing this groundbreaking programme. Wildlife Heritage Sites (WLHS) - places where a deep and respectful connection exists between a custodian community and a wild species, species group, or habitat – will be a unique offering. WLHS will certify outstanding destinations for responsible wildlife watching tourism, offering locally relevant expert guidance to help achieve high quality animal welfare, fair and effective nature conservation, and sustainable practices in places where communities have a strong connection with nature through their cultural heritage.

But that is only half of the story. WLHS will raise the bar for grass-roots empowerment within a framework that encourages an ever more respectful relationship between people and wildlife. In so doing, WLHS will be well positioned to overcome the linguistic, religious, economic, cultural, political, and other challenges that local communities face today. 

The custodian communities of WLHS will have enormous influence over the programme itself, by applying, assessing, managing, and collaborating to manage the sites. Ultimately these communities will adapt the programme and improve it to further benefit wildlife and people. This is a brave and necessary approach. As the window of opportunity to protect the world’s wildlife from suffering and loss narrows every day, the need to empower the people on the frontline to further protect wildlife in their local communities grows stronger by the hour. In WLHS we have a global programme that can meet that need. Due for launch in 2023. 

Rewilding workshops 

Through immersive experiences, we give practical advice to individuals, businesses, schools, and whole communities on how to rewild the places we live, the food we eat, and even the way we think! Our workshops prove that we can all give something to nature and get so much more in return! We explain how every walk you take, every tree you climb, and every place you own – a field, garden, rooftop, or window box, – has the potential to be a wilder place! And what’s more, it’s as easy as falling off a log! You don’t need to know anything about nature to get involved. In fact, some of the best ideas we hear come from the people that know the least! 

Wildlife events, art exhibitions and festivals 

We have over ten years of experience in organising events, festivals, art projects and public campaigns that connect people with nature, highlighting environmental awareness and energising communities. If you’re looking for creative ways to get your message across or wish to find innovative strategies to engage your community in a positive way, then we can help you achieve your goals. Working on a limited budget? Even better! In our experience the less money you have the more creative you need to be and the more people you will want to involve. And that’s the secret of a great event!


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