On our workshops we go behind the scenes with some of our most charismatic wild animals. Together we will try to understand what made wild horses, bears, and beavers tick. What did they do all day? And how did their efforts create opportunities for other creatures to thrive? 

Once we understand our chosen species we will put your crafting skills and creative thinking to the test as we work together to recreate a day in the life of a charismatic animal we have lost from the countryside. As a rewilding engineer you will build beaver dams, construct stork nests, learn wild boar rooting techniques (your friends may not let you live this down for a while), knock down trees elephant style, light fires that grow mushrooms, trample ponds for freshwater shrimps and so much more! Finally, we will take on the role of the biggest ecosystem engineer of all time – us humans! We’ll go back to our ancestral beginnings and think about how we, like they, can give back to nature and get so much more in return.

Through immersive experiences, we give practical advice to individuals, businesses, schools, and whole communities on how to rewild the places we live, the food we eat, and even the way we think! Our talks, walks, and workshops prove that - with a little bit of Ecological Knowledge - we can all give something to nature and get so much more in return!

We explain how every walk you take, every tree you climb, and every place you own – a field, garden, rooftop, or window box, – has the potential to be a wilder place! And what’s more, it’s as easy as falling off a log! You don’t need to know anything about nature to get involved. In fact, some of the best rewilding ideas we hear come from the people that know the least!


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