What if I told you that we could all be active participants in rewilding the land? What if you discovered that making our local places wilder was part of what made our ancestors get out of bed in the morning? 

What if we discovered that, contrary to popular opinion, humans are not a naturally destructive species but a constructive one, capable of creating landscapes even more biodiverse than those in which humans are absent! 

And what would this mean for how we viewed the world, our place in it, and our future? People have lived in Britain for almost a million years, and for most of that time we have played a vital role as ecosystem engineers, moulding and shaping the landscape around us in ways that provided us with food, water, heat and shelter. But that's not all. Our methods also benefitted the wildlife with which we were intrinsically linked, opening up new habitats and creating homes for a myriad of other species. In simple terms we were 'nature positive' back then.

In this talk, Wilderlife founder Dylan Walker takes us on a journey that reimagines our place in nature. Dylan will describe - not only how our ancestors got things right - but also how we can easily mimic their actions today to help regenerate our natural world. With practical advice for you to take away with you, a walk in the woods may never seem the same again!

Our experiences

Through immersive experiences, we give practical advice to individuals, businesses, schools, and whole communities on how to rewild the places we live, the food we eat, and even the way we think! Our talks, walks, and workshops prove that - with a little bit of Ecological Knowledge - we can all give something to nature and get so much more in return!

We explain how every walk you take, every tree you climb, and every place you own – a field, garden, rooftop, or window box, – has the potential to be a wilder place! And what’s more, it’s as easy as falling off a log! You don’t need to know anything about nature to get involved. In fact, some of the best rewilding ideas we hear come from the people that know the least!

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