Rewilding means different things to different people. Rewilding is the restoration of ecosystems (wild places) where nature can take care of itself. 

The rewilding concept seeks to break free from our long held beliefs that wildlife must be managed in a prescriptive way. Instead, we have realised that if given the freedom and space, nature finds an amazing balance that gives life a new lease of life! 

Loopholes in nature

Critical to the success of rewilding is the reintroduction of animals that we have lost from our wild places! We are finally realising that when we killed off the last wolf, bear, wild boar, elephant, and beaver in this country (yes, they all thrived here once), we killed far more than the animals themselves! This is because large animals that eat vegetation or hunt other animals effectively engineer the ecosystem as they wander around. They trample, chew, scare, rub, dig, build, and chop their way through the wild, creating new habitats that are the homes for ever more animals, plants, and fungi to thrive!

When they disappeared so did nature’s ability to build homes for the intricate web of life. The result? A slow but continual decline in biodiversity over a thousand years, unseen by us yet overseen by the life of a single Oak tree. While the oak lives on, bears and wolves remain in the UK only in our folklore, language, and imaginations.

Thankfully many of us are back and ready to play in the woods again! But those woods don’t look the same. We’ve parcelled up our land in to bite sized chunks that are fenced off and uninviting for some of our lost mega species and to us! But that doesn’t mean we can’t rewild for nature in a way that would make a wolf proud! All we need to do is think like a lynx, gather sticks like a stork, lever timber like a beaver, and be as happy as a pig in; well, you know what; and nature will do the rest! 

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