White Storks nest in Britain for the first time in hundreds of years!

Congratulations to the team at the White Stork Project at Knepp Estate in West Sussex who have just announced the first wild white stork chicks to be born in the UK for perhaps 500 years! Three nests containing eggs are currently being monitored, with the first egg hatching on 6th May.

A pair of white storks nesting in the Netherlands
The reintroduction of white storks by Knepp Estate is a huge achievement and will add significantly to the increase in biodiversity already recorded through the groundbreaking rewilding work that has been undertaken at Knepp over the last 20 years.

White storks build enormous stick nests that become important habitats for a range of other wild animals, including smaller nesting birds, overwintering butterflies and moths, and even small mammals. The storks also bring plant material to line the nests which act as canopy high seed banks. As the winds blow, these seeds are redistributed across the nearby landscape to germinate and and colonize new locations!

Although the storks are definitely the experts, anybody can build a white stork nest and provide homes for lots of local wildlife. Watch this video to find out how.


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